Docu: The Sun Break

The SunBreak :: A Film By SWD

FACTS (Info & Details):

Title: The Sun Break
Director: S.W.Demir
Script: S.W.Demir
Producer: S.W.Demir & SWD-Group
Production: SWD-Group
Cast: S.W.Demir, Patrik (dog), etc.
Director Of Photography: S.W.Demir
Music: Anonym 
Editing: S.W.Demir
Prod. Manager: ...
Art Director: ...
Prod. Year/Country: 2006 / Turkey
Time: 90 Min.
Type: Documentary
Import: No import
Distribution: SWD-Group International
Screening Date: 2006
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Age Limit: +0-No limit

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About-Film Story: A documantary film about a freelance journalist and hes dog, life is hard and be a journalist in undemocratical country in turkey-middeleast is very hard... (Copright 2006 / by SWD / All Rights Reserved!)

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