Film: A Silent Dream


FACTS (Info & Details):

Title: A Silent Deram
Director: S.W.Demir
Script: S.W.Demir
Producer: S.W.Demir & SWD-Group
Production: SWD-Group
Cast: S.W.Demir, Teo, Adam, etc.
Director Of Photography: S.W.Demir
Music: Anonym 
Editing: S.W.Demir
Prod. Manager: ...
Art Director: ...
Prod. Year/Country: 2014 / Norway
Time: 90 Min.
Type: Drama
Import: No import
Distribution: SWD-Group International
Screening Date: 2014
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Age Limit: +0-No limit

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About-Film Story: Here Comes The Sun... 

"The problem is not helplessness, reluctance ...Reluctant, because the first thing to us in childhood, our inner desire to kill. 
A film set in Norway, but its universall feelings from of all the world. About people who have many different dreams, but can not say and speak about this, they have the same fate. The childrens in the midddel from life. And some people from all over the world, for immgiration, for work, for education and carriere, for  a new life, for happiness and more… Max (5, is in kindergarten), Devrim (30, is teacher and search right of residence i new country ), Tom (80, is allone in oldpeopelhome and waiting of death). It is tree different generation and tree different life, but they have the same wish/dream, see foodball match of barcelona vs real madrid… But it is hard to realise this dream… Devrim want to help… A old man, they wait the time of own death, but just wanted see again own granchildren one more time and be happy together. A immigrant, just dream from a better life. And a child, just dreaming from grandfather and have a nice family… How does these people live in the silent time, what are they hoping for and what are their dreams. What do they wish fort fiture?.. Can they be happy? An experimental reality life drama film about wish and hoppening by Sores Welat Demir. Many questions and looking for answers. If people find the answer for their life and own identitat, you will see it in this film… ... (Copright 2014 / by SWD / All Rights Reserved!)

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