Film: Adieu / Elveda




Sores Welat Demir



Title: Elveda (Xatire) / Adieu (Goodbye) 
Genre: Drama
 Sores Welat Demir
 Sores Welat Demir
Producer: Sores Welat Demir

Production: SWD-Group
Cast: Zilan (20), Yusuf (20), Orkan (23), Ahmet (40), Bekir (15, Zilan's brother), Ayse (50, Okan's mother), Ziya (30, Yusuf's cosin), Ferdi (30, Yusuf's cosin), Fatima (50, Zilan's mother), Salih (50, Zilan's father), Musa (60, Zilan's oncel), Dilber (60, Zilan's ant), Fehmi (50, Yusuf's father), Hatice (50, Yusuf's mother), Meryem (13, Yusuf's sister),
 Hasan (40, Yusuf's friend), Meltem (40, Hasan's wife), Berfin (3, Hasan and Meltem's doughter), Ferhat (Yusuf's friend), Mehmet (50, Comandan)...

Casting: SWD-Group
Camera: SWD
Editing: SWD
Music: SWD-Mix; 
(SWD/SoresRock, Sidar/EvinaTe, Roya/Neama, Simir Rudan/Serxwes, Siya Seve/Zeng, Trio Mala/Gula Min, Egid Isik/Kew Helun, etc...)
Graphics Design: SWD
Production Country-Year: Turkey-2017
Language: Turkish, Kurdish (+subtitles English)

Time: 90 min.

Adult: +13
Story: Mardin, a multi cultural city in beatif l Mesopotamian (sout-east turkey), hier living different cultures, languages, colors, religions under same sky... A kurdish girl Zilan (20) in Mardin, have to married soon with the older cousin Ahmet (40, conservative), but she love a another kurdish man Yusuf (20, musicer). But Zilan and Yusuf family have a traditional blood war. They dont let them be together. Soon as wedding day they make a plan and running together from the village and coming to Istanbul after to Bodrum by meditreanien sea on border to greece-island. They want to take boat with another refugees to greece-island. There follow them Ahmet and Zilans brother Bekir (15) to kill them. And folow Yusuf cousins Ziya and Ferdi to help them. They take a boat with refugees but turkish soldiers coming and take them by controll, after chek in police station they let dem free. They learn there a journalist Orkan (25, turkish), who Zilan and Okan know each other before from school time, and they was flirting copel time togehter. Zilan have hims gift in head, and he have the armband from Zilan, they dont forget each other. Orkan asking "why", Zilan answer "sorry but the tradition". Yusuf asking who this guy is, Zilan just lie, that she dont know him, just he wanted ask about refugees. Orkan dont let them go, he say he can help them, that they can sleep in own family pansion in village, and have to be safe when they want to go ower sea to greece-island. First have to learn swimming, boat driving etc. Zilan talk with Yusuf, they say ok. Orkan like it, he think maybe Yusuf going alone and Zilan stay with ihm together. But Zilan tell about story and that Ahmet, Bekir all family want to kill her and Yusuf, and they are there and want to find Zilan and Yusuf for killing, so Orkan understand and let them go together to Greece and after that to Europa. But in the night, when all refugees are gon wit swimmingboat to greece-island, coming a bat news that the boaat is keeping and refugees are die. Orkan looking but dont finding Zilan and Yusuf. But tomorrow morning they find them on the beach, who tourist people are there. Zilan and Yusuf hand to hand, is die... People looking, police-gandarma-ambulance coming, but they are die... Orkan crying, make journalsit picture. Ahmet and Bekir see it, Bekir hold sister and sing sad cry, still time. Ziya and Ferdi see just.. Ahmet take Bekir and go from there. But Orkan see them, and stop them, and say to faces "its your full, you are killer, this stupid tradttion".. But Ahmet keep him way and say "its our story" and they going back... Orkan make a last picture of Zilan and Yusuf and write "Adieu (Goodbye) / Elveda (Xatire)"... END!... A drama film by Sores Welat Demir...

2017 - SWD-Group - Sores Welat Demir - All Rights Reserved!