Film: I Am Sorry

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I AM SORRY (Tut Mir Leid)

(A Film & Book by Sores Welat Demir)

Film Info (Story, Team, Cast, Art, Technic)::
Lowbudget-Independent Film Project

-Title: I Am Sorry (Tut Mir Leid)
-Writer: Sores Welat Demir
-Director: Sores Welat Demir
-Producer: Sores Welat Demir
-Production: SWD-Group
-Genre: Drama 
-Time: 90 min.
-Language: German, English
-Subtitle: English
-Age: +0 (no limit)
-Post Production: SWD-Group
-Distribution: SWD-Group
-Regi Assistant: -
-Cinematography: Sores Welat Demir
-Camera & Photo: SWD-Group
-Art Director: SWD-Group
-Stars: Deniss (30, bartender), Lisa (20, dancer), Mona (60, Dennis mother), Simon (40, Deniss big brother), Felipe (25, Lisas big brother), Tim & Linda (50, Lisas father-mother), Miki (20, streetman), Bar Friends, Guests, Dance Group, Bartender, Servitor, Boss, Doctor, Nurse, Police, etc...
-Casting: SWD-Group 
-Music: SWD-Group; Mix, Falcon/Amedeus, BoneyM/Felicita, Schlager/Du Bist Mein LIebe, etc.
-Sound: SWD-Group
-Editing: SWD-Group
-Effects: SWD-Group
-Makeup: SWD-Group
-Costume: SWD-Group
-Graphic Design: SWD-Group
-Translation: SWD-Group
-Catering: SWD-Group
-Transport & Communication: SWD-Group
-Sponsor: xxx
-Budget (Lowbudget-Independent): 1,-Dolar 
-Another: xxx

-Info: 90 min drama-musical film, lowbudget-independent, German-English, in Nürnberg-Germany/2018.


-Story: A story about different peoples-families-friends-darlings in relationship who have some problems between their because ego, and who they need a magic things to be good again... Soon is christmas time, and peoples who need eachother, need a warm hug, are not together anymore, maybe just a magical moment can chance the bad atmosphare to have nice moent again, that they can be together again together and hug eachother, maybe with a simpel magical words "i am sorry" and they forgiving eachother and forget all badstime, smiling and walk in future together... A joung bartender Deniss-30 who liv alone and work in the bar and dreaming to open own bar in future... He is philosphie is alone wolf. Deniss mother Mona (60) who she liv in the village-house think often about son and wish that he find a girl and married soon. Deniss is a nice guy, but dont like to married, he just flirting womens for one night... Until this ending one day. One day supricely meet Deniss a young girl named Lisa (25) in Library, she is so beatifull and sympatlc like a angel. Lisa is dancer and work in the theatre-show, play in a dance group, and want to have sucsess in the music-dance life. Lisa is a free sympatic women, life how she want, Deniss is a classical men who he can not fallow Lisas quick life, this way is coming many problems in relationship, but they love eachother and they think to stop relagionship because respect in this love, if they can forget eachother, they do this hard with cry on the eyes...  I the beginning they flirting and starting quickly a love, but Deniss scaring to be in love and married her. Deniss scaring because hes troble from childtime, who father killed self because alcohol and don violence to mother... Deniss big brother Simon want to help him that he dont have two think like this and need to have nice life also... Lisa's brother dont want to that she is together with a man from another cultures. But Lisa dont scare and faight again own family and choise Dennis love. Lisa wait and love him with respect, giv him time to be ok for her. Between this they living many discutions, crashing, broking heart, breaking and coming again together. The last time when LIsas brother want o shut-kill her and Deniss help her, they meet eachother and promice to married soon. This day Lisa sitdown with Deniss on motorcyckle from Deniss, who he dreaming about and buyed today, but he make a crash. They living in coma in hospital, when Deniss wakeup see that Lisa is in coma and miss the legs. Deniss mother Mona (60) helping them. Deniss promice to her in coma that he dont let her again if she wakeup... Lisas brother say sorry and promice to let her married with him. She wake up and they married, all families and friends are there. Deniss missing a arm, Lisa missing a leg. But they hug eachother with love. Deniss writing a song and sing for her; I am sorry, who everbody like and cry be happy with that... A drama-romantical-musical film by Sores Welat Demir. All rights reserved...

For 90 min. lowbudget-independent drama film in Nurnberg im 2018
Regieassistent-In, Mitarbeiter-In, Schauspieller-In, Sponsors
-Cast: Deniss (30, bartender, alone man), Lisa (25, dancer, Amedeus girlfriend), Mona (60, Amadeus mother), Dance Group (Lisass dance group), Friends, (mix), Boss (bar owner), Bartender (Amadeus bar friend), Servitor (Amadeus bar friend), Guests (bar guest, man, women), Doctor, Nurse, Police, etc...
-Location: Home, Bar, Library, Theatre, Hospital, City, Village, Wedding-Salon, Lunapark...
-Teknical: 4k Camcorder, R-Microphone, Stative, Light, HollwoodC, Drona 4K, Car-Minibus, etc. 

lan:: style="background-color: transparent; box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-tap-highlight-color: transparent;" br="">PLAN:
-Meeting: March
-Start: April
-PostProd: Mai
-Premiere: Juli
-Drehort: Nurnberg/Bayern 
-Drehzeit: 1-2 Wochen 

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lan:: style="background-color: transparent; box-sizing: border-box; -webkit-tap-highlight-color: transparent;" br="">CAST (example list):
-SoRomeo (35): Sores / Berlin / Kontakt: - 01627576350
-Deniss (30): 
-Lisa (25): 
-Mona (60): 
-Simon (40, Deniss big brother): 

-Felipe (25, Lisas big brother);
-Tim & Linda (50, lisas father and mother)
-Lisa's Street Dance Group: 
-Dance Group-1:
-Dance Group-2:
-Music Group-1:
-Music Group-2:

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