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Vi trenger Skuespillere og Filmmedarbeidere i en lowbudget 90min/drama-comedy film "Life Is Wonderful" i Fredrikstad / 2018-Sommer- Email: - Ps: Page is under construction, sorry for the text, we make what we can do for more...  

 (A Film/Book by Sores Welat Demir)
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-Title: Life Is Wonderful
-Writer: Sores Welat Demir
-Director: Sores Welat Demir

-Producer: Sores Welat Demir
-Production: SWD-Group

-Genre: Drama, Comedy
-Time: 90 min.
-Language: Norwegian, English   
-Subtitle: English
-Age: +0 (no limit)
-Post Production: SWD-Group 
-Distribution: SWD-Group 
-Cinematography: Sores Welat Demir  
-Camera & Photography: SWD-Group
-Art Director: SWD-Group
-Stars: We need (Fredrik, Ruth, Tom & Tommy, Maria, Kate, Ellen, KioskMan, GitarMan, Proffesor, Police, Journalist, President, Kong, Peoples, etc.)
-Casting: SWD-Group
-Music: SWD-Group
-Sound: SWD-Group
-Editing: SWD-Group
-Effects: SWD-Group
-Makeup: SWD-Group
-Costume: SWD-Group
-Graphic Design: SWD-Group   
-Translation: SWD-Group
-Catering: SWD-Group
-Transport & Communication: SWD-Group
-Sponsor: xxx  
-Budget: 1,-Dolar / Lowbudget
-Another: xxx


-Story:  1939 begin second world war. Norway was a neutral country. But in 9. april 1940 com German-Hitler and occupation Norway. Many thousand people have to run from Norway, but some of them faiting against Hitler… Ruth (90) is a norwegian-american (jewish?) woman who she gone with family under war to USA and lived hard-sad refugees time that she can remember and cry for it… Ruth and her american husband Michael can’t have a wedding because war. Because husband Michael have to gone to military and fait for America and for freedom. They promise each other that they will don soon a weeding, soon after war. And Ruth wait him with a baby on hand of many years. War was finish but husband Michael don’t com back to home, because he die in the war in Norway. But Ruth don’t want to really believe about it before she don’t see husband Michel’s grav. And she don’t marriage again… Her husband Michael was a military who send from USA to Norway under second world war in 1943 to help resistance people with military tactics against Hitler. But after one year Hitler find him and shut him, Micael is die... Many old people remember him as "Americaner"...
Ruth's granddaughter Ellen (30) will marriage soon and she wish that she have the wedding dress from grandmother. When Ruth hear this, she cry and is happy but she say,  that she want to have the wedding dress first own self, like she wanted and waited all the time of her husband and have a wedding with Michael with this wedding dress. This way she want to fly to Norway as last time to find her husband "in live or die" and have the wedding dress with him and make a picture for the photo album, after that is ok, that granddaugter Ellen can have hers wedding dress. This way Ruth flying from USA to Norway to find her husband Michael...  Ruth flying alone to Norway. She coming first to Oslo and after that with a regional train coming to Fredrikstad (small town on border of Sweden) who one time she taked secret mail from husband Michael, who on the address writing Fredrikstad. She coming and go out in train station. But she don't now more and she can't speak norwegian, and not the east-norwegian dialect aswell. By this way is a man Fredrik (70) who when he was teenager helping with mother people who make sabbotage against Hitler or skriving on the wall or giving secret newspaper to peoples under war and when he was arrested from Hitler and closed in Grini gail by Oslo (he remember sometimes about the sad-hard times in Girini and cant sleep), In Girini Hitler-military wan to kill him, but he run from Girini with a smart plan... He lost mother under war and he lost the wife in nearly time. He visit every week the grav of mother and wife, talking and missing them. Like today he don agin. But today he want to shut self, take the life and meet the wife, he want no moe liv alone, because he feel lonely of the world and want to meet soon mother and wife in teh sky. He want to shut, but the gung was old and don't function now. He crying and shit to life, and by one second read on wifes grav what there writing; "Don't Forget, Life Is Wonderful».  He smile and bycikle back to home, on the way he say hello to every one... He meet Ruth on the train station and stop and watching her, because she need help. But he can not speak english. And Ruth can not speak norwegian.  
First time they discotuion like a child. Ruth is sad, Fredrik shit her when she shit him. Two homeless stolling Ruth's bag. She crying, Fredrik runnig after homeless but he can't fast them, so he go to by Ruth and want to help her. Is beginning a lovely friendship. They find a own language for understanding, this is universel body language; feeling and pantomime. Fredrik help her to find information of her husband, ask talking with journalist, historical proffesor etc, and they find finaly the grave of Michael, and Ruth make a picture sitting by grave wit a pictures from Michale with wedding dress before she mus fly back to granddaughter wedding in USA. What they can in English and like is this word; "life is wonderful". They dancing on the bridge, bycikle all beautiful city and village, and eat in city, meet old revolution people who have been with Ruth´s husband Micahel under war, they give Ruth a old military box from her husband, she is very happy and take this to USA with self and invitation Fredrik one day to  visit her. Fredrik don't shut self any more, just life go way. They hug each other and thanks to nice moment. Two childly, crazy person on older age. A drama, comedy, action film by SWD./ Sores Welat Demir...  
(Copright 1998-2017 / by SoresWelatDemir & SWD-Group / All Rights Reserved!)



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Date & Plan...

Here is the plan of filmmaking.
Take contact for any question.


Film start: Winter-2018 (ca. 2-3 week)

-1: Meeting in MediaAcademy

-2: Casting & Meeting in Litteraturhuset-Fredrikstad
-3: Meeting in Kostymelager-Fredrikstad thuesday at pm 18.00-21:00

-4: Film Workshop & Warmup in Litteraturhuset

-5: Filming Outside/Innside

-6: Filming (Fredrik, Ruth, Tom, Tommy, etc.)

-7: Filming in Locations (All)

-8: Filming in City (All)

Post Production: Winter-2018

Premiere: Winter-2018

FIFF Film Festival: 


*** DATE & LOCATION: April-2018 / Norway-Fredrikstad...

*** OVERNATTING: Please have to think that you organize a overnatting place in Fredrikstad.
Ps: We are under work to find a sponsor-hotel, or maybe find a location who all can innside-camping.

*** TRANSPORT: The location are very close, dont need extra transport. But maybe for equipment if you have a minibus, so you can take with you for us, we can pay for the bensin.

*** CATERING: We have food and drink (hot-cold) on the set.

*** COSTYM & MAKE UP: The film time is like 2000, but the player will be see like from world war 1900. Think about Misarablec, like this. If you have old kloss, accessoires, makeup just take with you. We can use here together.

*** CAST & TEAM: we nned more cast and team on the set. Ask your friends, ask family, ask everyone.

*** SPONSORS & SUPPROTERS: We need sponsors-supporters. Ask in your town. If you find a sponsor-supporter so you will have 5% of this.


Casting list:

-Fredrik / a slince happy man (70, xxx)

-Ruth / a norwegian judish woman (70-90, xxx)

-Tom / homeless (40, xxx)
-Tommy / homeless (30, xxx)

-Proffesor / historical (70, xxx)
-Police / distrik police (40, xxx)
-Journalist / distrikt journalist (40, xxx)
-President / distrikt president (50, xxx)
-King / royality (70, xxx)

-Maria / daughter of Fredrik (40, xxx)

-Kate / daughter of Ruth (50, xxx)

-Ellen / granddaughter of Ruth (30, xxx)

-GitarMan / mexican (30, xxx)

-KioskMan / local (20, xxx)


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