Film: My Travel Guide


(A Sores Welat Demir Film)

-Title: My Travel Guide
-Genre: Drama Comedy, 90 min.
-Language: English, International
-Writer: Sores Welat Demir
-Director: Sores Welat Demir
-Producer: Sores Welat Demir
-Production: SWD-Group
-Art: xxx
-Cast: Nicole, Mert, xxx
-Music: SWD, xxx
-Editing: SWD,  xxx
-Make up: xxx
-Costume: xxx
-Graphic Design: xxx
-Sponsor: xxx

-Story: Nicole (40) is a historical teacher in New York by a university and write articels by fames NY-Travel Magazine. She is business carrier woman, no time for love, this way she is single and like classic conservative life. She get a new work and mus to fly to a conference in Istanbul and mus write a travel history for to win media award. She don't want it but mus to fly... By this way, Mert (40) is a single man work as travel guide by international travel agency. He have every week a new tourist lover and like crazy life. He is different as Nicole... In Istanbul the travel agency send Mert to Nicole as vip travel guide. They meet in airport, by first meeting they dont understand and do not compliment each other, but later they love each other. VIP Travel guide Mert make her a classic turkey travel (istanbul, cappadocia, pamukkale, efes, manastir, mardin, antalya) but everyone by conference writing same historiy and be was this classic travel many times in magazines. It's nice but not intrresting for magazine award this year. She is desperate. Because she wanted all budy belived that she winning the travel magazine award this year. Mert thinking and begin to tell her a love history who he heard from own gran family. And show Nicole the best special places who no one know about it in this love story, who they travel for this history to; Istanbul, Athen, Budapest, Wien, Prag, Berlin, London, Paris, Barcelona, Roma, Cairo, Cape Town, Delhi, Tokyo, Rio, Cuba and New York. Nicole write about this travel and love history and she take the best award under media festival in New York. She is very happy, magazine office and everyone is happy. This day she say Yes to Mert question for a date/marriage with him, and there beginning super future love between them. Ending with a traditionell dobbel wedding in New York and in Istanbul. A drama comedy film by SWD. 
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