The Foreign Brothers


(A Sores Welat Demir Film)

-Title: The Foreign Brothers
-Genre: Drama, 90 min.
-Language: English
-Writer: SWD Sores Welat Demir
-Director: SWD
-Producer: SWD
-Production: SWD-Group
-Art: xxx
-Cast: Georg, Mike, xxx
-Music: SWD, xxx
-Editing: SWD,  xxx
-Make up: xxx
-Costume: xxx
-Graphic Design: xxx
-Sponsor: x

-Story: Georg (60) is a slience simply men who liv alone i an house and work as meister. One day a young man Mike (30) coming to hes door and say that's he is half brother from Mexica, same father different women. Georg dont know what he doing, he take him in house. They learn each others, he is illegal and want to find job. They are two different person, first time is difficult to liv together, after sometime they joy it. Georg monoton life changes, he think that Mike mus go, but after they see that he can be together. But Mike travel back because he is illegal and dont find any job and mother wait for money. Georg help him, giving him little money, a fastfood car who he can start own job and driv him over border... A drama film by SWD. 
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