Film: Taverna

(A SFilm By ores Welat Demir)

-Title: Taverna-Wedding
-Genre: Drama, 90 min.
-Language: Greece-English
-Writer: SWD Sores Welat Demir
-Director: SWD
-Producer: SWD
-Production: SWD-Group
-Art: xxx
-Cast: xxx
-Music: SWD, xxx
-Editing: SWD,  xxx
-Make up: xxx
-Costume: xxx
-Graphic Design: xxx
-Sponsor: x

-Story: Hermes's working in foreign county, one day hes father be very sik and have to fly to greece. Normaly he dont talk father because some hostires-families problem, but for mother and wife and son he going to him and talk before he die. The father was just of work in taverna restaurant and this way dont haved time for son Herms, this way Hermes hate him. He discution with father and father goiung to restaurant and brann it, he die in the restaurant. Hermes start again this restuarant, make new, and make a weding with wife, like she wanted... A greece taverna wedding, father and son story... A drama film by SWD. 
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