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We are a company comprised of international tv-film-music production & distribution, coproduction & post production, media & news agency, web & graphic design, foregn education & language courses, culture & art academy, photo-video & editing, book publication, printing services, travel & holiday agency, real estate investment, festival-consert arranging & events organisation, idea consept managment, marketing experts and communication consultants, dedicated to enhancing public relations and marketing efforts of our customers, becoming its strategic partners to achieve its corporate objectives.

SWD-Group Film-Tv-Music Production is an Berlin & Istanbul based independent company founded by Sores Welat Demir to produce feature films and documentaries for global audience. SWD-Group’s primary focus is to discover new talents and build long term relations by providing proper environment for directors, writers, musiciens where they can employ their skills for making exceptional projects.

And more; we establish communications strategies, public relations, free press, media plans and marketing management. We help plan, develop, implement and evaluate measures that are used for the imaging business, educational, cultural and all kinds of organizations. For more info please go on "Services" page.

SWD-Group Support The Talents Projects and Realising All For Free :: Send us today your Book-Film-Music-Dj/Remix/Edm-VideoClip-Social Projects-Idea. We will help you to realise your dream... www.SWDgroups.com - Make Your Wish Come True!!!

We Support The Talents &-Because-& We Need The Talents :: You think you have an talent/idea and you need support by the way to realise it; You make Music/Remix-Edm or you have written Book/SongText, or you have a Film/Documentary/Video project, or you Drawing/Painting/Photography, or you have an idea for a Social/Education/Festival project, or you have an Business/Concept idea, everyting what you have, just send us your idea that we can think together, development together and realese your dream together soon as possible. Take contact todat. Good luck and welcome again...

SWD-Group managment your Idea/Talent/Concept/Money; you have a talent or the financment for an business, but you dont know what you want to make and how you can starting, we can help you by all steps for your dream future. Dewelopment of ideas, help for the consepts, design all tings, controll of media, and much more. Just take a contact with us, we can have a meet and talk about it. We work all in Europa and worldwide...



Our group was established in 1998 in Berlin and Istanbul as an independent company chaired by Sores Welat Demir. We use the best available technology and all our employees are professionals in their fields. We have customers from all over the world, ranging from companies, shops, private individuals or holding companies. Dear guest, on this page you can see all the services that we can offer to you. Please send us an e-mail with your request and we will promptly reply and give you our suggestion on how to proceed. We look forward to doing business with you... Yours sincerely, Your SWD-GROUP Team

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send them to us via our Contact Page.

WHAT WE DOING (generell)?                                                                                            

WHAT WE DOING (generell)?

-Tv-Film Production & Disribution

-Film Team & Technick Equipment

-Media & News Agency
-Casting & Model Agency
-Music Produkction & Studio

-Fest-Party-Dj Aranging
-Book & Magasine Publication
-Foto & Video Service
-Web & Graphich Design
-Print Offset Center 
-Festival-Event-Consert Organisation
-Theater & Musical Show
-Education-Courses-Film Art Academy

-Travel & Holiday Agency
-Real Estate-Investment & Insurance Agency
-Idea & Consept Managment
-and more



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