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Film Production & Distribution
Co. Production & Post Production
Tv-Music-VideoClip-Commercial Prod.

-Film -Tv Production - Co ProductionWe make productions for TV and cinema, arrange film, documantaries, advertisements, videoclips and more. We offer services in organisation, casting and production of films, including writing texts and manuscripts for all areas. We have studio facilities with the best available technology, cameras, light equipment, editing equipment and a professional team.

-Media Tv Production: We make advertisements, documentaries, TV programs, clips and more for TV, agencies, companies, artist, private individuals. We will make the best production for your project and product.

-Film Distribution Delivery (worlwide): We delivery internationall Films, Documentarys, DVD, CD, Music Albums and Books

LIST OF FILM & DOCUMENTARY (Worldwide Distribution)                                                  


Cast, Team, Supporters, Sponsors for our new projects. Just take contact with us.


* Befor We Go
* With Or Without You
* Taverna-The Greece Wedding  
* Alone Man
* JB-Junior
* The Olsend Band-Nord
* Rosas Grave
* Love & Sound in Bratislava
* Four Season In Norway
* Belgium Underground
* Adieu/Elveda
* Wish Come True
* My First Love
* Karate Girl
* I'm Yours
* My Travel Guide
* The Good Friends
* My Hero
* Father & Son
* Foregnair/Out or Inn
*The Farms
*Madam & Mr Omar

- The Little Angel (Film-Book, DVD-90 m. 2018/Norway, Writed-Directed By; S.W. Demir) (in production - go page)

- Life Is Wonderful (Film-Book, DVD-90 m. 2017/Norway, Writed-Directed By; S.W. Demir) (in production - go page)

- Cafe Love & Sound (Documentary, DVD-90 m. 2015/Europe, Writed-Directed By; ŞSW. Demir) (in production)

- A Silent Dream (Film, DVD-90 m. 2014/Norway, Writed-Directed By; S.W. Demir) (go page)

- My 22 July -One Minute Silence For Humanity (Documentary, DVD-90 m. 2012/Oslo-Norway, Writed-Directed By; S.W. Demir) link

- Broken Hearts/Kırık Kalpler (Film, DVD-90 m. 2009/Side-Turkey, Writed-Directed By; S.W. Demir) (in production) link

 Romeo Without  Juliette (Film, DVD-220 m. 2004-2008/Berlin-Germany, Writed-Directed By; Ş.W. Demir) (go page)

- The Sun Break (Documentary, DVD-90 m. 2005/İstanbul-Turkey,Writed- Directed By; S.W. Demir) (go page)

- La Recuerdo Che (Documentary, DVD-80 m. 2003/Cuba, Writed-Directed By; Ş.W. Demir)

- Sansussi (Film, DVD-120 m. 2002/Avignion-France, Writed-Directed By; Ş.W. Demir)


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