Film: The Friends


(A Sores Welat Demir Film)
Teknik: 90 min, Drama, Comedy, Action
Cast: SWD, KaiHH, JanH
Title: The Friends
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Writer-Director-Producer: SWD - Sores Welat Demir
Production: SWD-Group
Casting: KaiHH, JanH
Camera: SWD
Editing: SWD
Music: ...
Graphics Design: SWD
Production Country-Year: Norway-2016
Language: English (+subtitles)
Story: Two old friends from the second World War, living together in same room. Tommy (90, is lucky happy man all time after flirting) helping friend Simon (85, stil sheing man, want olso touch a woman befor die, who he sitdown on roolstool and can not do many ting allone. Tommy helping him with everyting like wc, shower, barber, eat, go out, etc. But Simon think that he make Tommy and anotherones life hard, this way he want to die soon. When Simon tell Tommy that he newer touched a woman befor, so all plan  chancing. Tommy help to find Simon a woman and mean of life: make love!
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