Film: World Cup



(A Sores Welat Demir Film)

Title: A Silent Dream - The War & World Cup
Genre: Drama, 90 min.
Writer: Sores Welat Demir
Director: Sores Welat Demir
Producer: Sores Welat Demir
Production: SWD-Group
Distribution: SWD-Group
World Distribution: xxx
Cast: xxx
Music: xxx
Camera: xxx
Photographer: xxx
Editing: xxx
Graphics Design: xxx
Art Director: xxx
Post Production: xxx
Co Production: xxx
Sponsor: xxx

Story: "A Silent Dream - TheWar & World Cup", A film about some dreams who is hard to come true in life. Until World Cup  when UN bombing Syria-MiddelEast all refugees going from sea and land way over danger borders to Europe and hope about new happy life. On the way is start world cup and thay watch football by way who that is only joy for them. Tragedi drama hope by world cup...
Azad is a young kurdish-arabish refugee from Syria/Kurdistan. Hes dream is to play football in Europe but first wish is to realize mother's dream. When Isis begin to attac/war in Syria so Azad mus to go out from there, but hes blind mother don't want to let father's home. Azad promise her to go Europe and organisation the life and take she soon to Europe to go hospital to help her with the eyes-cancer, because her dream is to see one day the blue sky blue sea with wall and dolphins. And Azad dream was to play and watch football in Europe. (he see champion league/world cup, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, B. Dortmund, Juventus, etc. )
He com by sea way with best friend Said (Messi), Abdul (Pele),
Tariq (Maradona) from Turkey to Greece and with refugees wind to Europe/Germany. He mist best friend Said on the sea in Greece, Said die by boat crash in the water. Abdul taked-shutting from policy on the Turkey border, Tariq fly with church organization from Greece to USA.
Azad make asylum in Germany/Berlin and after control he takes a room and find a small jobb in hospital. Because he have a good blood, hospitality give him a job and take blood from him. When he sit down in hospital, learn a child name Peter and a old man who  is grandfather from Peter. They will be friends. The child Peter is sik and Azad blood going to him. When he is in the room coming children family, they are rassist, say to doctor that they don't want foreigners by there's son. But doctor tell them, that there is the guy who give blood to the son and help to be in life again. The family don't know what they can say.
Azad be friends with children Peter, they talk about dream. Peter want to se grandfather and go with him to circus in London. Azad talk with grandfather and he olso want to se grandchildren and go to have nice time, but daughter don't want him because about som family problem.
Azad make a plan and help to go with grandfather and children Peter to London.
All budys wish go true.
On the way to England, in shep they se wall and dolphins in sea, Azad call-videocall mother and watch the wall and dolphins. Mother se first time, smile to son and die... Azad crying. Grandfather tell him that he is an angel, because helped to mom by last second to se dream wishes, he smiling when she die, you must olso smile. Every budy will die one day, better is that we can smile, that we are happy when we die, and she was. Azad thank him. They coming to London, going circuses and after to the big  football world cup; and Manchester United vs Liverpool.
Grandfather have heart attack and they go back in hospital in Berlin, but they are happy. He die in the night. By grav Azad and children take the hand and smile to each other. Azad se the blue sky, smile happy... 
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