The Neighbor Farms


(A Sores Welat Demir Film)

-Title: Neighbor Farms
-Genre: Drama, 90 min.
-Language: English
-Writer: SWD Sores Welat Demir
-Director: SWD
-Producer: SWD
-Production: SWD-Group
-Art: xxx
-Cast: Hans, Frans, Susanne, xxx
-Music: SWD, xxx
-Editing: SWD,  xxx
-Make up: xxx
-Costume: xxx
-Graphic Design: xxx
-Sponsor: x

-Story: Hans (60) and Frans (50) two naber farm living in a small town village and work in own farm. They are naber but they dont like and say hello each others because they loved some girl before and she gon with another boy. They concurrent each others in all. Typical farm work is every day. They dream to win best award by farm festival. A suprice new naber Susanne (40) who com in village they make them that's they com together and be friends and work together to win festival against her... A drama comedy film by SWD.  2015- Coprights - SWD-Group - Sores Welat Demir - All Rights Reserved!