Film: Madam & Mr Omar

"MADAM & Mr OMAR" (Forever Side by Side) 

(A Sores Welat Demir Film)


-Title: Madam
-Genre: Drama Comedy, 90 min.
-Language: France, Arabic, Hebrish, English
-Writer: SWD Sores Welat Demir
-Director: SWD
-Producer: SWD
-Production: SWD-Group
-Art: xxx
-Cast: Madam, Said, xxx
-Music: SWD, xxx
-Editing: SWD,  xxx
-Make up: xxx
-Costume: xxx
-Graphic Design: xxx
-Sponsor: x
-Story: Madam (80, jewish+christian) from France/Paris. She coming to Bairut now because her muslim husband Said (80, muslim) died in Paris and she mus grabbing him in Phalastina-Jerusalem like he wished on testament. She have husband in a deepfreez until she find solutions for to have grab place for together, but no one give her place. People family talk after her that she have to grab husband soon or die husband begin to smailing. She wait. They haved big love respekt each other and she can't lett him alone in a grab and go back. She don't fly back to Paris without she fixing doppel grab to husband and for her in same place side by side. She and her husband have buyed a small house with flowers in Bairut, she liv there and visit every day and talk with husband about all ting in freeze. In free time she go araound and talk people in city, with different culture... She gon to Phlistina and talk muslim comnunity, govermen, hoca-mosk to have two grab place in Phlistina for husband and her that they can be grabbed together side by side, but goverman and mosk don' giv her place because she is Jewish+Christian. And she go to find a grab place in Israel side but they don't give she place because her husband is Muslim. And she go ask christian church in Bairut but they can not helping her because they are jewish and muslim. Diffucult ting for her, they are not happy olso when they go die.. Everyone know Madam, she is mother of everyone (children, young lover, mothers, nabers, cats) and help them what she can. One day because all stress get she sik and mus hospital, the french ambasady want take she back to Paris but she don't want. A advokat help her; She sale a house and give corruption to some people and buy a small land on border Israel and a small land on same border in phlistina side, side by side. She payed olso muslim grab ceremony for husband in Phlistina side, and paid for her self jewish+christian grab ceremony in Israel  side. And olso invited all family, friends. First time tree religion (muslim, jewish, christian) com in same place and make grab ceremony on border between Israel, Palestine. She die and win the ideological religious byrakrati war.   All com together; muslim (imam-mosk-kuran), jewish (haham-synagog-tevrat) and christian (peder-church-bibel) and preg together for her and her husband. A humanty feeling drama Film by SWD.  
2015- Coprights - SWD-Group - Sores Welat Demir - All Rights Reserved!