WIR SUCHEN: Fur ein 90 min. lowbudget-independent drama-comedy-action film in Berlin im 2018
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-Meeting: Januar-Februar 
-Start: March-April 
-PostProd: Mai 
-Premiere: September 
-Drehort: Berlin 
-Drehzeit: 2-4 wochen 
-Kontakt: / Web: 

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 (A Film&Book by Sores Welat Demir)
-Title: A Love Story In Berlin
-Writer: Sores Welat Demir
-Director: Sores Welat Demir

-Producer: Sores Welat Demir
-Production: SWD-Group

-Genre: Drama, Comedy
-Time: 90 min.
-Language: German, English   
-Subtitle: English
-Age: +0 (no limit)
-Post Production: SWD-Group 
-Distribution: SWD-Group 
-Regi Assistant: -
-Cinematography: Sores Welat Demir  
-Camera & Photography: SWD-Group
-Art Director: SWD-Group
-Stars: Thomas-55, Inge-50, Felix-25, Elena-18, Sam-40, Anita-30, Niki-5, Peter-50, Bob-40, Jack-30, Mike-30, Tina-30, Nicole-30, Marlen-30, Alex-40, Aysel-40, Jule-40, Simon-30, Lina-30, Sara-30, Klara-30, Ornella-30, Pelin-40, Olga-30, Sandra-30, Reno-20, Friend-Klaus-20, Friend-Dani-45, Friend-Hanne-40, Peoples, etc.
-Casting: SWD-Group
-Music: SWD-Group
-Sound: SWD-Group
-Editing: SWD-Group
-Effects: SWD-Group
-Makeup: SWD-Group
-Costume: SWD-Group
-Graphic Design: SWD-Group   
-Translation: SWD-Group
-Catering: SWD-Group
-Transport & Communication: SWD-Group
-Sponsor: xxx  
-Budget: 1,-Dolar / Lowbudget-Independent
-Another: xxx

-Prod. Webside: 
-Contact Email:

-Story: A unforgatable love story in multi culturel international city Berlin. A man Thomas who coming new out from jail, want to have second chanche in the life; he meet a young foraign women Anita in the pub in city and he love her, she like him aswell, but she work as protistut-hostes under violence for a crazy man Peter who is small mafia with two crazy assistants Jack & Bob. Anita mus work for Peter because she have a sik children Niki from alkoholiker ex-husband Alex before, she need money for hospital in the home-country. Anita's girlfriend Marlen, who she work in same pub as hostes-prustit want to that Anita be free and have a nice happy life, just she know Anita's scret-sad life, but two another friends Olga and Sandra don`t like her... Thomas have also a ex-wife Inge, who she working as doctor, have right of two children; doughter Elena who she liv with mam together and study, and son Felix who working with businesspartner-bestfriend Mike in the own bar. Felix have a student girlfriend Nicole, want to liv soon together. Felix have futures plan for a better life for mom-sister and married with Nicole after study, and have succes in the own bar. Elena have a boyfriend Reno, who work as dj weekend in the same bar. Mike have girl friend Tina who she work as garson in the same bar... Thomas want to have contact with exwife, doughter and son, but Felix don't want to talk with father. Felix talking just with fathers brother oncel Sam. Nicole helping Thomas a little. Anita go out from ex-house and moving to Nicole for a short time, until they find a new house and a solution. Nicole tell that to Felix, that his father is with a joung protistut together and that she living for a short time by hers house. Felix dont like it and talk with oncel and go to father and talk them, that he have to stop this relagionship and take her and  port and that she can travel back to home-country, and starting a new life, maybe he aswell with her together if she say yes to be married him... Peter don´t make easy, he do problem, and one day he find Anita and take her with pistol in the car, Nicole coming from house out and see it and want to help Anita but Peter bangup her, Peter take Anita in the car and close in the garage. Nicole gon and tell it to Felix and Thomas... Thomas promice to find her, and kill Peter, he buy pistol from underground-peoples Ornella, Felix help father, oncel Sam and hes wife Aysel aswell, Nicole don't lett Felix alone, father and son and oncel they be first time a team. Police chef Charlie follow mafia, he love dedektif Jule but dont true to say it to her. Dedektif Jule and assitant Simon is after mafia Peter aswell. Journalist Klara interesing of kriminal tings and want to writing all story. By the way assistant Simon flirting to much, chef Jule is crazy about it, she find Simon with new police-assistants Lina and Sara in sam bad, and one day with Journalist Klara in the Office, with doctor in the hospital aswell, but he just lie and say that he is after work... Thomas ben sutting from Peter, exwife doctor Inge and nurse Pelin help him first. There is also another parelel life-love stories in the city who is connect to Anita's life-story... A drama, comedy, action film by Sores Welat Demir (SWD)... (Copright 1998-2017 / by SoresWelatDemir & SWD-Group / All Rights Reserved!)



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Film Gallery: A Love Story In Berlin


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Tem & Cast (example)::

-SWD: - +491627576350 - Berlin
-Thomas (50, slince man): Michael Marwitz / Kontakt: 
-Felix (30, Thoma's son, dont taking with father, working in bar and planing for future): Christopher Busse / Kontakt: 
-Sam (40, Thoma's brother, business man, dont talk with brother): Van Woelk / Kontakt:
-Inge (50, Thoma`s ex wife, doctor): Hanni Bergesch / Kontakt: 
-Elena (18, Thoma´s doughter, student): Laura Birte / Kontakt. 
-Anita (30, a foeigner who work under mafia for hers sik son): Anja Riccarda Richter / Kontakt: 
-Niki (5, Anita`s child, is sik): ... / Kontakt:  
-Nicole (25, Felix's girlfriend, student): Sabine Roßberg / Kontakt:
-Marlen (30, Anitas friend, work in same pub): Madeleine Pauker / Kontakt: 
-Alex (30, Anita's ex husband, father of child, drunker man): Dirk Sonnenschein / Kontakt: 
-Peter (50, crazy mafia): Daniel Ahl / Kontakt: 
-Jack (40-, Peter's mafia-gangster): Tobias Pochmann / Kontakt: 
-Bob (40-, Peter's mafia-gangster):  Juan Carlos Mesa / Kontakt: 
-Mike (30, Felix bar partner): Kevin Brand / Kontakt: 
-Tina (30, Mike's girlfriends, working in same bar as servitor): Julia Strowski / Kontakt:
-Aysel (40, Sam's wife, work in bank): Carmen Zehentmeier / Kontakt: 
-Jule (40, Dedektif, a strong but lovely women): Verena Konietschke / Kontakt: 
-Simon (30, Dedektif Jule's assistant, like womens): SWD / Kontakt: 
-Lina (30, new police women): Marion Barten / Kontakt: 
-Sara (30;new police assistant): Loxy Diercks / Kontakt: 
-Klara (30, journalist): Gianna Bauer / Kontakt: 
-Pelin (40, nurse): Derya Kibri / Kontakt: 
-Ornella (30,underground-illegal person): Sonia Ortiz / Kontakt:
-Friend-Klaus (25, Friend): Daniel Steiger / Kontakt:
-Friend-Dani (45, Friend): Mario Hoelsken / Kontakt:
-Friend-Hanne (35, Friend): Ariane Reisenweber / Kontakt: