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Title: NewsHaber-X (100 Tv-Program/60 min. & With Cemil Barlas journalist, Faruk Suren president of Galatasary FC, Can Paker president of TESEV-Humanrights As.)


Title: Videokronik (60 Tv-Show/30 min. & With Ozan Orhon music artist)

Title: Reklamasyon (30 Tv-Show/45 min. & With Muge Oruckaptan cinema artist)

Title: Kader (30 Tv-Serie/45 min. & With VjBulent, Ilyas Salman actor)

Title: Turkish News (100 Tv-News/30 min. & With Cemil Bilge journalist)

Title: Balkan Expres (120 Tv-Music Show/60 min. & With Cuneyt Senturk music artist)   
Director-Regi: S.W.Demir
Script: -
Producer: Kanal-T
Production: Kanal-T

Co.Production: -
Cast: Kanal-T
Director Of Photography: Kanal-T
Music: Anonym 
Editing: Kanal-T
Prod. Manager: ...
Art Director: ...
Prod. Year/Country: 2008-2010 / Turkey-Istanbul

Budget: by Kanal-T
Time: -
Type: TV-Series-Programs-Shows
Import: No import
Distribution: Kanal-T
Screening Date: 2008-2010
Language: Turkish
Subtitle: -
Age Limit: +0-No limit

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